Welcome to Willow Creek! I trust you find Willow as warm and welcoming as my family did when we first arrived in May of 2012. Allow me a moment to share with you the heart of our church. Ultimately, it is our desire for all who call Willow Creek their church family to grow more like Christ and then to draw others deeper in relationship with Christ.

This raises the question, how do we become more like Christ? This is a huge question, but we’ve identified three key answers from scripture: Grow (through community, growing in relationship with Christ); Give (using our gifts, time and resources in the mission of Christ’s church); Go (sharing with others the Good News of Christ). More importantly, we believe Christ himself was clear that none of this is possible outside an intimate relationship with him and a willingness to deny ourselves and follow wherever he leads.

Whether you’re new to church (and everything you’ve just read sounds like a foreign language) or just new to this church, we are here to help you discover more of Christ and help others do the same. Please contact us if you would like to find out more about Willow and how you can get connected.

– Jay Sandiford, Lead Pastor

I am New Here

Welcome to Willow, a community of people seeking to be more like Christ and draw others to Christ.

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Our Beliefs

We believe in one God, Creator of all, holy, sovereign, eternal, existing in three equal Persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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Our Vision

To be more like Chirst requires each believer to Grow, Give and Go. These ministries will be the Spirit-led fruit of Abiding in Chirst and Denying ourselves resulting in Unity and authentic Worship.

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Our Team

Our directors and elders who serve faithfully in and outside of the church.

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